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Cascade Physics: A New Window on Baryon Spectroscopy

December 1-3, 2005
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA USA


The workshop will explore the uncharted area of hadron physics in systems of double strangeness. There are many cascade resonances predicted to exist by flavor symmetry and all quark models. The existence of these states must be determined, with their masses, widths, and spin-parities. We plan to outline future experimental options, in particular opportunities at Jefferson Laboratory that will become available with the proposed 12 GeV JLab upgrade.

The aim of this workshop is to investigate the contribution that the cascade spectrum can make to understanding the baryon spectrum. Cascades give a new perspective on the 'missing states' problem: as these states are narrow and generally well separated. It is also our goals to coalesce the experimental community into a single, focused, inclusive experimental program.


Dennis Weygand, Jefferson Lab,
Ben Nefkens, UCLA,


Advance registration $100 (After Nov. 23, $150)
Advance student registration $50 (After Nov. 23, $100)

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