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EIC Accelerator Collaboration Meeting 2018
October 29 - November 1, 2018
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The Collaboration meeting intends to bring together accelerator scientists and engineers from JLab, BNL and other laboratories from over the world, participating in the US EIC accelerator design work and corresponding technology developments.

With many technological and design challenges and issues similar in EIC alternatives, the Collaboration meeting aims to review a present status of accelerator designs and related R&D, to exchange recent design developments and technical solutions, to pursue closer intra-lab collaboration and to enhance coordination of efforts towards a cost effective and high performance EIC accelerator design.

Organizing Committee

Michael Blaskiewicz (BNL)
Tim Michalski (JLab)
Christoph Montag (BNL)
Vadim Ptitsyn (BNL, co-chair)
Robert Rimmer (JLab)
GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL)
Todd Satogata (JLab)
Michael Sullivan (SLAC)
Ferdinand Willeke (BNL)
Yuhong Zhang (JLab, co-chair)
Alexander Zholents (ANL)

Group Photo