Electron - Ion Collider User Group Meeting 2018
July 30 - August 2, 2018
The Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C.


The Electron Ion Collider User Group Meeting (EICUGM) will take place from Monday July 30th to Thursday August 2nd, 2018. It will be preceded on Sunday July 29th by a Workshop on Detectors and Technology.

The EICUGM will feature introductory and agency talks, including international views, and discuss the outcome of the National Academy of Science study and the path forward for the Electron-Ion Collider. The meeting will further include recent developments and progress on novel physics ideas and technical plans for the collider and detectors, as well as four parallel sessions. The last day will be dedicated to wrap-up including summaries and EICUGM business meeting, discussions and further outlook/organization. For contributed abstracts to the parallel sessions, please contact the session conveners.

The Electron Ion Collider (EIC) is a proposed facility to study hadron physics at high energy recommended by the 2015 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science by the NSAC. The EIC User Group (EICUG) promotes the realization of the EIC and its science, and consists of well over 700 scientists. Further information about the EIC User Group.

Previous EIC User Group Meetings:

2017 - Trieste/Italy
2016 - Argonne National Laboratory
2016 - University of California/Berkeley
2014 - Stonybrook University

Local Organizing Committee

Fatiha Benmokhtar - Duquesne
Tanja Horn – CUA
Greg Kalicy – CUA
Ian Pegg – CUA
Alexei Prokudin – Penn State Berks

International Advisory Committee

Christine Aidala – U. of Michigan
John Arrington - ANL
Daniel Boer – U. of Groningen
Silvia Dalla Torre - INFN/Trieste
Abhay Deshpande – BNL/SBU
Rolf Ent – JLab
Barbara Jacak – LBL/University of California at Berkeley
Charles Hyde – ODU
Richard Milner – MIT
Vasiliy Morozov – JLab
Marco Radici – INFN/Pavia
Ferdi Willeke – BNL
Ernst Sichtermann - LBL
Bernd Surrow – Temple U.
Thomas Ullrich - BNL
Rik Yoshida - JLab

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