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Lepton-Nucleus Scattering XIV

Marciana Marina, Isola d'Elba
June 27-July 1, 2016


Future Projects
Yoshida (JLab): The EIC Project  
Anselmino (Turin): The 3D nucleon structure and the EIC project  
Mauger (LANL): The DUNE Project  
Wilking (Stony Brook): NuPrism  
Polosa (Rome-I): Pentaquarks  
DeVita INFN-Genoa): Hadron spectroscopy in the light quark sector  
Dudek (JLab/ODU): Hadrons from LQCD  
Low- and High-Energy Neutrinos
Horiuchi (VTech): Supernova Neutrino Signal Prediction and Detection 
Vissani (LNGS): High-Energy Neutrinos 
Hill (Adelaide): IceCube 
Tarka (Stony Brook): Neutrinoless double-beta decay 
Tomei (INFN-Rome): CUORE  
Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei
Heeger (Yale): Reactor Neutrino Anomaly  
Vagnoni (Rome-III): Kinematic versus Calorimetric Reconstruction  
Hypernuclear Physics
Nakamura (Tohuku): The Hypernuclear Experimental Program  
Parreño (Barcelona): Exotic nuclear systems from LQCD  
Lonardoni (MSU/LANL): Hyperons and Nuclei  
Bombaci (Pisa): The hyperon puzzle in neutron stars  

Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics
Piarulli (ANL): Chiral Potentials and Light-Nuclei Structure  
Rehm (ANL): The 12C(alpha,gamma)16O Bubble Chamber Experiment  
Degl'Innocenti (Pisa): Nuclear physics and stellar physics: a continuous synergy  
Mangano (LNGS): Recent developments on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis  
Girlanda (Lecce): Electroweak Processes in the Few Nucleons  

Lepton-Nucleus Scattering
Schlimme (Mainz): The MAMI Program 
Schmidt (MIT): OLYMPUS 
Gross (JLab): Few-Nucleon Form Factors 
Gilman (Rutgers): MUSE 
Mariani (VTech): Solid/CHANDLER experiment at the BR2 reactor 
Paschke (UVA): Qweak 

Adelchi Fabrocini's Day
Rosati (Pisa): Title TBA 
Fantoni (ANVUR): Title TBA 
Co' (Lecce): Title TBA 
TBA: Presentation Fabrocini Prize 
Polls (Barcelona): Title TBA 
Lovato (ANL): Title TBA 
Sick (Basel): Title TBA 
Logoteta (Pisa): Nuclear matter calculations with modern chiral interactions 
^* to be confirmed