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N* Electroproduction

Nucleon Resonance Structure in Exclusive Electroproduction at High Photon Virtualities with the CLAS 12 Detector Workshop
May 16, 2011
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The "Nucleon Resonance Structure in Exclusive Electroproduction at HighPhoton Virtualities with the CLAS12 Detector" workshop will be held at Jefferson Lab on May 16, 2011, the Monday just before the international biannual NSTAR Workshop at Jefferson Lab. The workshop will provide opportunities to present and discuss future developments and preliminary results on the continuous exploration of hadronic physics to smaller distances.

This workshop will hence focus on the extension of the exclusive γvNN* electrocoupling studies to high photon virtualities from 5.0 to 12.0 GeV2. This is the kinematic area, where the N* structure is still almost unexplored, and which will be comprehensively covered for the first time by the approved experiment PR12-09-003 on N* studies in exclusive meson electroproduction off protons with the CLAS12 detector. The experiment will be carried out in the first five years after completion of the JLab 12 GeV Upgrade Project. By that time ready-to-use methods are needed for the extraction of the γvNN* electrocouplings at high photon virtualities as well as general QCD-based frameworks for the theoretical interpretation of these transition electrocouplings, which will be measured for the first time at distance scales where quark degrees of freedom dominate, with the goal to explore the mechanisms of dressed quark interactions that are responsible for the baryon formation and how these dressed quarks emerge from QCD.

The special scope of this workshop - to develop future strategies, methods, and approaches to extract and interpret hadronic physics in this non-perturbative regime - aims to foster already initiated efforts and create opportunities to facilitate and stimulate further growth in this field.

Program topics will include:

  1. N* structure from LQCD
  2. Light cone sum rules and N* electrocouplings
  3. N* structure from Dyson Schwinger Equations of QCD
  4. Quark models describing the N* structure and their connection to QCD
  5. Quark degrees of freedom in exclusive Nπ and Nππ electroproduction in the resonance region at 5GeV2<Q2<10 GeV2

Local Organizing Committee:
R.W.Gothe co-chair
V.I.Mokeev co-chair