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ElectroWeak Workshop

The Scientific Impact and Feasibility of an Ultra-precise 12 GeV Moeller Experiment to Test the Standard Model
December 11-13, 2006
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA

Program - CEBAF Center Room F113

A 12 GeV Moeller Experiment and the Standard Model

Monday, December 11, 2006

08:45-09:00Welcome, Opening Remarks, Objectives of the WorkshopAnthony W. Thomas (JLab)
Willem T.H. van Oers (U. of Manitoba)
Sesson I: Chair, Willem T.H. van Oers
09:00-10:00Electroweak Radiative Corrections and Precision Low Energy Experiments: An Overview William J. Marciano (BNL)
10:00-11:00Electroweak Physics: Results from Experiments and Interpretations, Complementarity with future LHC Results, Precisions to be reached (Experiment) Mike Roney (U. of Victoria)
11:00-11:15Coffee Break

Session II: Interpretability Issues - Chair, Paul Souder
11:15-12:15Precision Tests of the Standard Model and their Implications Andrzej Czarnecki (U. of Alberta)
12:15-12:45New Limits on Physics beyond the Standard Model from Parity Violating Electron Scattering Ross Young (JLab)
14:00-15:00Possible Extensions of the Standard Model and a 12 GeV Moeller Experiment: New Dimensions John Ng (TRIUMF)
15:00-16:00The Electroweak Model and Constraints on New Physics from a High-Energy Perspective: Electroweak Radiative Corrections Jens Erler (UNAM)
16:00-16:15Coffee Break
16:15-17:15Possible Extensions of the Standard Model and their Predictions for Experimental Observables: R-Parity Violation and SUSY Loop Effects Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf (CalTech)
19:00Workshop Dinner

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Session III: About Other Experiments - Chair, Dave J. Mack
09:00-10:00Prospects for Atomic Parity Violation Experiments Konstantin Tsigutkin (LBNL)
10:00-11:00Charge Symmetry Breaking Quark Distributions and the NUTeV Experiment J. Timothy Londergan (Indiana U.)
11:00-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-12:15The SLAC 158 Moeller Experiment: a Critical Review and Experimental Limitations
Beam, Instrumentation, and Systematics Michael B. Woods (SLAC)
End Station Configuration, Systematics, Analysis of Results Paul Souder (Syracuse U.)
14:00-14:30The JLab Qweak Experiment Roger D. Carlini (JLab)

Session IV: Concepts for a 12 GeV Moeller Experiment - Chair, Greg Smith
14:30-15:15Toroidal Magnet Based Concept for a 12 GeV Moeller Experiment David J. Mack (JLab)
15:15-16:00Quadrupole Magnet Based Concept for a 12 GeV Moeller Experiment Krishna S. Kumar (U. of Massachusetts)
16:00-16:15Coffee Break
19:00Working Dinner

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Session V: Chair, Roger D. Carlini
09:00-09:30Systematic Error Considerations for a 12 GeV Moeller Experiment Jeffery W. Martin (U. of Winnipeg)
09:30-10:00Polarized Electron Source and Polarized Electron Beam Requirements; Helicity Correlated EffectsGordon D. Cates, Jr. (U. of Virginia)
10:00-10:30  Tasks towards a Reference Design
11:00Colloquium: The Weak Mixing Angle and New Physics William J. Marciano (BNL)
End of the Workshop
16:00Colloquium: Physics with a Large Hadron Electron ColliderBarry Dainton, U. of Liverpool