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Exclusive 2010 Workshop

The 4th Workshop on Exclusive Reactions at High Momentum Transfer
May 18-21, 2010
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, Virginia USA


The workshop will focus on one of the most highly studied current areas in hadron physics with electromagnetic probes, and one which will be a primary area of study in the next generation of new accelerators.

The workshop will focus on the:

Physics Organizing Committee:

Volker Burkert
Carl Carlson 
Latifa Elouadrhiri 
Mark Jones
Anatoly Radyushkin (co-chair)
Paul Stoler (co-chair)
Bogdan Wojtsekhowski
Rolf Ent
Tanya Horn
Harut Avakian
Victor Mokeev
Christian Weiss

jsaLogo.jpgEPJlogo.jpg"This meeting is sponsored in part by the JAS Initiatives Fund, a $0.05M program provided annually by Jefferson Science Association, LLC."