FDSA 2014


Future Directions in Spectroscopy Analysis
November 18-20, 2014
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA




As part of the tour scheduled for November 19, 2014 at Jefferson Lab, you will be taking a tour of a portion of the lab. To participate in this tour – in advance of the tour – please register here on Jefferson Lab’s online tour database, no later than November 17, 2014. Each guest must sign in separately with their legal name and full address to include street, city, state, zip code:

Please read the information presented as you complete your online registration. If you have any questions, contact Mike Robbins at 757-269-7617 or mrobbins@jlab.org as soon as possible.

For the tour and for your safety:

  • Wear long pants or slacks – Shorts, capri pants, skirts, and dresses are not permitted.
  • Wear short or long-sleeved shirts. Sleeveless shirts or tank tops are not permitted.
  • Wear flat or low-heeled, closed-toe shoes. Sandals, open-toe or high heel shoes are not permitted.

For identification purposes:

  • Carry a valid photo ID (security requirement).
  • If you aren’t a citizen of the United States, carry your valid Passport or visa on your visit, and comply with the Department of Energy guidelines on our website at: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/dir_off/public_affairs/tours.html - This info is important if anyone is not a U.S. citizen.

The tour starts at 3:00 and will meet in the TED facility, room 1227.
Cameras and smartphones are always welcome! We look forward to your visit to Jefferson Lab.

Thank you,

Mike Robbins
Public Affairs
Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Ave. Suite 15
Newport News, Va. 23606