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Workshop on Excited Hadronic States and the Deconfinement Transition
February 23-25, 2011
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The equation of state of QCD close to the finite-temperature phase transition may be described by a hadron resonance gas.  However, the applicability of this description depends on the density of hadron resonances at increasing energies.  Recent progress at computing the excited state spectrum of QCD, together with the expectation of new experimental determinations of the spectrum from Jefferson Lab@ 12 GeV, afford the prospect of refining the hadron resonance gas picture of QCD close to the phase transition, and of relating our description of QCD at zero temperature to that at high temperatures and densities, explored at RHIC and at the LHC.

This workshop aims to bring together practitioners on hadron transport models, lattice QCD at non-zero temperature, and lattice and QCD-inspired descriptions of the spectrum and properties of resonances, together with members of the experimental communities, to explore these connections.  The workshop will consist of a number of invited talks that address key questions, together with extended opportunities for discussion.

Local Organizing Committee
David Richards - JLab
Christopher Thomas - JLab
Robert Edwards - JLab
Jo Dudek - JLab/ODU
Berndt Müller - Duke
Abhijit Majumder - Ohio State
Peter Petreczky - BNL

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