Hall A/C Collaboration Meeting

Joint Hall A & C Summer Collaboration Meeting
June 23-24, 2016
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

Meeting in CEBAF Center Room F113


Thursday, June 23, 2016

8:55am Welcome TBD
  JLab Status and 6 GeV Closeout
Chair: Simona Malace
9:00am ACC Update Jay Benesch
9:30am Status of Jefferson Lab Bob McKeown
9:50am Update of Experiment E05-110: Measurement of the Quasi-elastic Longitudinal and Transverse Response Functions in the Range 0.55 < |q| < 1.0 GeV/c Michael Paolone
10:15am Hall C Qweak Update Kurtis Bartlett
10:40am Coffee Break
Chair: Narbe Kalantarians
11:10am Hall A Status Thia Keppel
11:30am Hall C Status Steve Wood
11:50am Discussion
12:00pm Work/Life balance panel session for grad students, lunch provided
Location: Room A110
Chair: Dasuni Adilaram-Mudiyanselage
  Early Hall A/C Running
1:00pm Hadron and Nuclear Structure from the DSEs Ian Cloet
  Tritium Block
1:45pm Overview Buddhini Waidyawansa
2:05pm Marathon Michael Nycz
2:20pm e,e'p Or Hen
2:35pm Tri-nucleon Elastic Form Factors Evan McLellan
2:50pm XGT1 Dien Nguyen
  Discussion Block
3:10pm Coffee Break
Chair: Kijun Park
3:30pm Hall A DVCS Mongi Dlamini
3:50pm GMP Longwu Ou
4:20pm Hall C - Optics Commissioning Jure Bericic
4:40pm EMC/x>1 Running Kayla Craycraft
4:55pm E12-10-002 : “Precision measurements of the F2 Structure Function at Large x in the Resonance Region and Beyond Debaditya Biswas
5:10pm Discussion Block
6:30pm Off-site Reception

Friday, June 24, 2016

Chair: Nicholas Hirlinger Saylor
9:30am PREX/CREX Ciprian Gal
9:50am The Status of the APEX experiment at JLab Vardan Khachatryan
10:10am L/T Separated Kaon Production Cross Sections from 5-11 GeV Marco Carmignotto
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Physics Seminar - Imaging the Proton in Momentum Space Marco Radici
12:00pm Lunch On Own
Chair: Kalyan Allada
1:00pm A1n Nguyen Ton
1:20pm E12-09-017: Transverse Momentum Dependence of Semi-Inclusive Pion and Kaon Electroproduction Peter Bosted
1:40pm Testing Charge Symmetry with Precision SIDIS pi+/pi- Ratios Whitney Armstrong
2:00pm Hall A SIDIS Xuefei Yan
2:20pm Hall A Business Meeting
2:35pm Hall C Business Meeting
2:50pm Pre-proposal Session
3:30pm Hall C Walkthroughs