Hall A/C Collaboration Meeting

Joint Hall A & C Summer Collaboration Meeting
June 22-23, 2017
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

Meeting in CEBAF Center Room F113

Remote Participation

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

8:30am JLab perspective on Hall A & C high energy/current running Stuart Henderson
9:00am Accelerator Status Jay Benesch
9:30am Hall A Status Thia Keppel
9:50am Hall C Status Steve Wood

Coffee Break

10:30am MARATHON (E12-010-103) Tyler Hague
11:00am The x>1 Tritium Experiments Florian Hauenstein
11:30pm Wide Angle Compton Scattering Anatoly Radyushkin

Lunch break, on your own

1:45pm GMp Eric Christy
2:15pm DVCS Hashir Rashad
2:45pm Ar(e,e’p) Dien Nguyen
3:15pm PREX/CREX Sanghwa Park
3:45pm Hall A Documentation Committee report Douglas Higinbotham

Coffee Break

4:30pm SBS Overview Andrew Puckett
4:45pm GMn status and preparations Brian Quinn
5:00pm SBS Simulation and Tracking Eric Fuchey
5:15pm SBS GEM Progress Kondo Gnanvo


6:30pm Off-site Social Gathering

Friday, June 23, 2017

8:30am Hall C KPP/Commission/Spring-Run results Howard Fenker
9:00am SHMS & HMS Magnet/Controls Update Lassiter/Brindza
9:30am SHMS GEM Detector Latif Kabir
10:00am HMS New Drift Chambers Bishnu Pandey
10:30am Hall A + C Business meeting  

Coffee Break

11:00am New Approaches in Exploring Short-Range Dynamics in Nuclei
CC Auditorium
Misak Sargsian

Lunch break, on your own

1:30pm Hall C Software Status Eric Pooser
2:00pm Hall C Fall Commissioning Mark Jones
2:30pm Hall C Fall Experimental programs Simona Malace
3:00pm SuperRosenbluth elastic/two-photon check Mikhail Yurov

Coffee break

4:00pm GEn via Recoil Polarimetry w/ SBS (PAC proposal) Rachel Montgomery
4:30pm Parton Distribution Functions via Parity Violation (PAC proposal) Mark Dalton
5:00pm Hypernuclear tritrium (PAC proposal) Liguang Tang
5:30pm SBS rungroup proposal Kijun Park