Hall C Collaboration Meeting

Hall C Winter Collaboration Meeting
January 22-23, 2018
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

Meeting in CEBAF Center Room F113

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Monday, January 22, 2018

  Morning Session Chair: Edward Brash
8:55-9:00 Welcome Edward Brash
9:00-9:10 Hall Status 1 Steve Wood 
9:10-9:20 Hall Status 2/Outlook Thia Keppel
9:20-9:40 Update on December/January Running Dipangkar Dutta
9:40-10:00 SHMS Optics Commissioning Holly Szumilla-Vance

Coffee Break

10:20-10:45 E12-06-107 (The Search for Color Transparency at 12 GeV) Latif Kabir
10:45-11:10 E12-10-002 (F2 Structure Function at Large x) Abel Sun
11:10-11:35 E12-10-008 (Nuclear Dependence of F2 in Light Nuclei) Dave Gaskell
11:35-12:00 E12-10-003 (Deuteron Electrodisintegration) Carlos Yero

Grad Students' Lunch in F113

Doug Higinbotham
  Afternoon Session 1 Chair: Joerg Reinhold
1:10-1:40 CEBAF Beam Parameter Envelope Jay Benesch
1:40-1:50 SHMS Quartz Detector Update Simona Malace
1:50-2:00 Hodoscrope PMT Testing Carl Zorn
2:00-3:00 JLab All-Hands Meeting (live streamed in F113)  

Coffee Break

  Afternoon Session 2 Chair: Brad Sawatzky
3:00-3:30 Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Yulia Furletova
3:30-3:50 Hall C Analyzer - Updates and Future Plans Eric Pooser
3:50-4:05 Hall C DAQ Brad Sawatzky
4:05-4:30  ESR Update and ESR-II Plans Cryo Group
4:30-5:15  Hall C UG Business Meeting Edward Brash
  Note: Hall A/C Reception will be on Wednesday at 6:30pm in CC Lobby

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

  Morning Session 1 Chair: Eric Pooser
9:00-9:30 Exclusive Backward-Angle Omega Production Bill Li/Garth Huber
9:30-10:00 SANE Update Whit Armstrong
10:00-10:40 TMD factorization in the 12 GeV era (Theory Talk) Alexei Prokudin

Coffee Break

  Morning Session 2 Chair: Holly Szumilla-Vance
11:15-11:45 The Qweak Experiment: A search for new PV physics at the TeV scale via high precision measurement of the Proton’s weak charge Jie Pan
11:45-12:15  First Determination of the 27Al Neutron Distribution Radius from a Parity-Violating Electron Asymmetry Measurement Kurtis Bartlett
12:15-12:30  Gep-III/Gep-2Gamma Final Analysis Andrew Puckett

Lunch on your own

  Afternoon Session 1
2:00-2:30 NPS – Science and Project Status Tanja Horn
2:30-3:00 Compact Photon Source: Science Opportunities and Concept Donal Day

Coffee Break

  NPS & CPS Collaboration Meeting 2018  
3:20 -3:50 Transverse Polarized Target TCS from PARTONS view Cedric Mezrag
3:50 -4:10 TCS Experiment with CPS & NPS Vardan Tadevosyan
4:10 -4:30 NPS Magnet – Status and Field Mapping Plan Charles Hyde
4:30 -4:50 NPS Design – Frame and Support Structure Carlos Munoz Camacho/Ho San/Rong Wang
4:50 -5:20 Crystals - Status and Testing Vladimir Berdnikov and/or Arshak Asaturyan
5:20 -5:40 HV Dividers Julie Roche
5:40 -6:00 Electronics/readout Fernando Barbosa
6:00 -6:20 NPS 2018 Action Items and Discussion Tanja Horn
6:20 -6:40


6:40 -7:10 Progress on Rotatable Target Design Dustin Keller
7:10 -7:40 Status of Kaon-Pion Interactions Knowledge Raul Briceno
7:40 -8:10 KLong Beam Experiment Igor Strakovsky
8:10 -8:30 CPS 2018 Action Items and Discussion Thia Keppel