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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Special Events

Registration and Reception

Chesapeake Room, Sadler Center

Sunday, July 13 17:00–19:00

Conference materials and bags will be distributed. Preordered T-shirts will be available for pick-up. Food will be served.

SiCortex Hardware Demonstration

Chesapeake B, Sadler Center

Tuesday, July 15 19:00–21:00


ILDG Tutorial

Chesapeake C, Sadler Center

Tuesday, July 15 19:30–20:30

Presented by Carsten Urbach.

Women-in-Lattice QCD Lunch Roundtable

Tidewater B, Sadler Center

Wednesday, July 16 12:30–14:15

A special event for Lattice 2008, the "Women in Lattice QCD" lunch roundtable, which will be held during the Wednesday July 16 lunch break. This event will be for all women attending the conference and hosted in an informal manner. Tenured female faculty in the field can share their personal experiences succeeding in both career and family with young students and postdocs. Lunch will be provided by the conference.

This event is open for women only. (Sorry, guys.)
Currently confirmed members of the advisory panel are:

  • Davies, Christine (University of Glasgow)
  • El-Khadra, Aida (University of Illinois)
  • Prelovsek, Sasa (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Hasenfratz, Anna (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Shigemitsu, Junko (Ohio State University)
  • Ryan, Sinead (Trinity College Dublin)

Rajan Gupta: The Many Faces of the Global Energy Challenge

Commonwealth Auditorium, Sadler Center

Wednesday, July 16 17:00–18:00

Energy is the key to development and is the basis of modern technological societies. Fossil fuels — oil, coal, and gas — provided over 80 percent of the energy in the 20th century and will, most likely, persist well into the 21st century in spite of associated environmental impacts and climate change. The raging question is: What energy portfolio will provide affordable clean energy to 9 billion people in the coming decades? This talk will examine the current challenges, the technological breakthroughs required and the role of individuals and communities. It will also explain why the oil market is saturated and volatile. Finally I will describe a project called OpenModel that is creating an observatory of the global energy systems.


Jamestown Settlement & Island

Thursday, July 17 12:00–16:30

Visit the historic beginnings of the United States where the first permanent English settlement was established. Travel provided via bus. Boxed lunches will be served. Expect conditions to be hot and humid; bring a hat and sunscreen.


Chesapeake Room, Sadler Center

Thursday, July 17 19:00–22:00


USQCD Executive Committee Meeting

Location TBD

Time TBD


International Advisory Committee Meeting

Tidewater B, Sadler Center

Friday, July 19 12:30–13:30

Lunch will be provided.