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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Algorithms and Machines

[pdf] Alexei Bazavov HISQ action in dynamical simulations
[pdf] Jacques Bloch Comparing iterative methods to compute the overlap Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential
[pdf] Richard C. Brower M\"obius Algorithm for Domain Wall and GapDW Fermions
Wade Cherrington Recent Developments in Dual Lattice Algorithms
[pdf] Michael Clark The removal of critical slowing down
[pdf] Francesco Di Renzo GPU computing for 2-d spin systems: CUDA vs OpenGL
[ppt] John Mucci Some early results from QCD codes running on SiCortex machines
[pdf] James Osborn Initial guesses for multi-shift solvers
[pdf] Filippo Palombi Fluctuations and reweighting of the quark determinant on large lattices
[pdf] Dwight Renfrew Reducing Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Domain Wall Fermions at fixed $L_s$
[ppt] Guochun Shi Cell processor implementation of a MILC lattice QCD application
[pdf] Walter Wilcox Deflated and restarted symmetric Lanczos methods for linear equations in lattice qcd problems with multiple right-hand sides
[pdf] Oliver Witzel Non-Hermitian Polynomial Hybrid Monte Carlo