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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Nonzero Temperature and Density

[pdf] Gert Aarts Stochastic quantization at nonzero chemical potential
[pdf] Masayuki Asakawa Baryonic Spectral Functions above the Deconfinement Phase Transition
[pdf] Bernd Berg Minkowskian Dynamics of a Polyakov Loop Model under a Heating Quench
[pdf] Michael Cheng QCD Thermodynamics from Domain Wall Fermion
[pdf] Guido Cossu A test of first order scaling in Nf =2 QCD: a progress report
[pdf] Gergely Endrodi The curvature of the QCD phase transition line
[pdf] Michael Fromm Revisiting strong coupling QCD at finite baryon Density and temperature
[pdf] Kenji Fukushima Characteristics of the Dirac eigenvalue distribution in dense two-color QCD
[pdf] Rajiv Gavai Exact Chiral Fermions and Finite Density on Lattice
[pdf] Steven Gottlieb QCD equation of state at non-zero chemical potential
[ppt] Rajan Gupta The EOS from simulations on BlueGene L Supercomputer at LLNL and NYBlue
[pdf] Sourendu Gupta Finite chemical potential in Nt=6 QCD
[pdf] Masatoshi Hamada Quark Propagators at the confinement and deconfinement phases
[pdf] Kay Huebner Renormalized Polyakov loops in various Representations in finite Temperature SU(2) gauge theory
[pdf] Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz The finite-temperature phase structure of lattice QCD with twisted-mass Wilson fermions
[pdf] Frithjof Karsch Fluctuation of Goldstone modes and the chiral transition in QCD
[ppt] Masakiyo Kitazawa Measurement of shear viscosity in lattice gauge theory without Kubo formula
[pdf] Tamas Kovacs Gapless Dirac spectrum at high temperature
[pdf] Aleksi Kurkela Center-symmetric dimensional reduction of hot Yang-Mills theory
[pdf] Edwin Laermann Recent results on screening masses
[ppt] Anyi Li Finite Density Simulation with the Canonical Ensemble
[ppt] Yu Maezawa Magnetic and electric screening masses from Polyakov-loop correlations
[ppt] Xiangfei Meng Winding number expansion in canonical approach to finite Density
[pdf] Shin Muroya Stochastic quantization of a finite temperature lattice field theory in the real time formula
[pdf] Joyce Myers Exotic phases of finite temperature SU(N) gauge theories with massive fermions: F, Adj, A/S
[pdf] Michael Ogilvie High Temperature Confinement in SU(N) Gauge Theories
[pdf] Akira Ohnishi Quarkyonic phase in the strong coupling region of lattice QCD
[pdf] Hiroshi Ohno Search for the Charmonium Dissociation Temperature with Variational Analysis in Lattice QCD
[pdf] Marco Panero Geometric effects in lattice QCD thermodynamics
[pdf] Claudio Pica Critical behavior of the energy and pressure correlation functions in SU(2) gauge theory
[pdf] Yuji Sasai Eigen-value Distributions of Quark Matrix at Finite Isospin Chemical Potential
[pdf] Christian Schmidt The QCD phase diagram and the equation of state at non-zero Density from a Taylor expansion of the pressure
[pdf] Donald Sinclair Confinement and Chiral Symmetry, a Lattice QCD test of AdS/QCD
[pdf] Wolfgang Soeldner Quark Mass Dependence of the QCD Equation of State on Nt=8 Lattices
[pdf] Kalman Szabo The QCD transition with 2+1 dynamical flavors
[pdf] Takashi Umeda Thermodynamics of SU(3) gauge theory at fixed lattice spacing
[pdf] Jacobus Verbaarschot Phase of the Fermion Determinant for QCD at Finite Chemical Potential
[pdf] Philippe de Forcrand The curvature of the critical surface (m_ud,m_s)^{crit}(mu), on finer and bigger lattices