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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Hadron Structure

[pdf] Andrei Alexandru The background field method on the lattice
[pdf] Sinya Aoki Energy dependence of nucleon-nucleon potentials
[pdf] Christopher Aubin Finite Volume Study of the Delta Magnetic Moments Using Dynamical Clover Fermions
[pdf] Ronald Babich Strange quark content of the nucleon
[pdf] Gunnar Bali Hunting for the strangeness content of the nucleon
[pdf] Remi Baron Nucleon axial coupling constant with Nf = 2 twisted mass fermions and other 3 point functions
[pdf] Pedro Bicudo Exotic static 3-body potentials
[pdf] Jonathan Bratt A Variational Study of the Nucleon Wavefunction
[pdf] Dirk Broemmel Parton Distribution Amplitudes with Non-Perturbative Renormalisation
[pdf] Saul Cohen Light-Meson Two-Photon Decays in Full QCD
[ppt] Takumi Doi Strangeness in the nucleon from lattice QCD
[pdf] Martin Guertler Vector meson form factors
Philipp Haegler Nucleon structure with partially twisted boundary conditions
[pdf] Roger Horsley Clover improvement for stout-smeared 2+1 flavour SLiNC fermions: non-perturbative results
[pdf] Noriyoshi Ishii Nuclear forces from quenched and NF=2+1 full lattice QCD using the PACS-CS gauge configurations
[pdf] Takashi Kaneko Pion vector and scalar form factors with dynamical overlap quarks
[pdf] Tomasz Korzec Nucleon form factors with dynamical twisted mass fermions
[pdf] Thorsten Kurth Scaling Study of dynamically smeared Fermions
[pdf] Huey-Wen Lin Challenges in Hadronic Form Factor Calculations
[pdf] Meifeng Lin Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors With Domain Wall Fermions on an Asqtad Sea
[pdf] Devdatta Mankame 2+1 flavor QCD calculation of
[ppt] Scott Moerschbacher Magnetic Polarizability of Hadrons from Dynamical Configurations
[pdf] Bernhard Musch Transverse Momentum Distributions of Quarks in the Nucleon from Lattice QCD
[pdf] Yoshifumi Nakamura The electric dipole moment of the nucleon from lattice QCD with imaginary vacuum angle $\theta$
[pdf] John Negele Nucleon Generalized Form Factors with Domain Wall Fermions on an Asqtad Sea
[pdf] Hidekatsu Nemura Lambda-nucleon force from lattice QCD
[pdf] Shigemi Ohta Nucleon structure functions from dynamical (2+1)-flavor domain wall fermions
[pdf] Holger Perlt Clover improvement for stout-smeared 2+1 flavour SLiNC fermions: perturbative results
[pdf] Sergey Syritsyn Title: Nucleon Structure with Domain Wall Fermions at a = 0.086 fm
[pdf] Brian Tiburzi Polarizabilities from Lattice QCD
[pdf] Aaron Torok Meson Baryon Scattering in LQCD
[pdf] Nikolaus Warkentin Nucleon Wave Function from Lattice QCD
[pdf] Takeshi Yamazaki Nucleon form factors from dynamical $N_f$=2+1 domain wall fermions