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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Theoretical Developments

[pdf] Georg Bergner Generalisations of the Ginsparg-Wilson relation and a remnant of supersymmetry on the lattice
[pdf] Artan Borici Minimally Doubled Fermion Revival
[pdf] Saumitra Chowdhury Calculating the light by light contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment using lattice QED
Paulo A. Faria da Veiga The Eightfold Way and Confinement from Dynamical First Principles in Strongly Coupled Lattice QCD
[pptx] Etsuko Itou A new method of calculating the running coupling constant --- numerical results ---
[pdf] Issaku Kanamori RHMC simulation of two-dimensional N=(2,2) super Yang-Mills with exact supersymmetry
[pdf] Joseph Kiskis Computation of the string tension in three dimensions using large N reduction
[ppt] Helmut Kroger Spectrum and Wave Functions of Excited States in Lattice Gauge Theory
[pdf] Masafumi Kurachi A new method of calculating the running coupling constant --- theoretical formulation ---
Robert Lohmayer Large N phase transitions in the spectrum of products of complex matrices
[pdf] Thomas Luu Three Nucleons in a Box
[pdf] Yannick Meurice Approximate forms of the Density of states in pure gauge theory
[pdf] Kazuhiro Nagata Non-commutative product formulation of exact lattice supersymmetry at large N
[pdf] Rajamani Narayanan Universal properties of Wilson loop operators in large N QCD; Large N transition in the 2D SU(N)xSU(N) nonlinear sigma model.
[pdf] Makoto Sakamoto No-go theorem of Leibniz rule and supersymmetry on the lattice
[pdf] Jacek Wosiek Solving some gauge systems at infinite N
[pdf] Christian Wozar Numerical Investigation of the 2-D N=2 Wess-Zumino Model