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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Vacuum Structure and Confinement

[pdf] Andreas Athenodorou Spectrum of closed k-strings in D=2+1
[pdf] Claudio Bonati On the phase diagram of the Higgs \(SU(2)\) model
[pdf] Falk Bruckmann Dual quark condensate and dressed Polyakov loops
[pdf] Michael Engelhardt Topological susceptibility in the SU(3) random vortex world-surface model
[pdf] Pietro Giudice Confining string beyond the free approximation: the case of random percolation
[pdf] Ivan Horvath New Properties of the Fundamental Topological Structure
[pdf] Hideaki Iida Three-quark systems in MA and MC projected QCD
[pdf] Patrick Keith-Hynes Fractionally charged Wilson loops as a probe of theta dependence in CP(N-1) sigma models
[pdf] Stefano Lottini The monopole mass in the random percolation gauge theory
[pptx] Takuya Saito Infrared gluons in the stochastic quantization approach
[pdf] Akihiro Shibata A new description of lattice Yang-Mils theory and non-Abelian magnetic monopoles as the quark confiner
[pdf] Andre Sternbeck Infrared exponents and the strong-coupling limit in lattice Landau gauge
[ppt] H. B. Thacker Melting instantons, domain walls, and large N
[pdf] Alexander Velytsky Entanglement entropy in SU(N) gauge theory
[pdf] Urs Wenger Topological susceptibility from twisted mass QCD