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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Weak Decays and Matrix Elements

[pdf] Norman Christ Chiral perturbation theory, $K\rightarrow \pi \pi$ decays and 2+1 flavor domain wall QCD
[pdf] Paul Cooney Proton lifetime bounds from chirally symmetric lattice QCD
[pdf] Stephan Durr $f_K/f_\pi$ in full QCD
[pdf] Richard Evans A determination of the $B_s^0$ and $B_d^0$ mixing matrix elements using 2+1 lattice QCD
[pdf] Tomomi Ishikawa B meson decay constant in static approximation with domain wall fermion and perturbative $O(\alpha_s a)$ matching
[pdf] Chris Kelly Scaling of $B_K$ for 2+1 flavour domain wall fermions from $24^3$ and $32^3 \times 64$ lattices
[pdf] Andreas Kronfeld Non-Standard Physics in Leptonic Decays
[pdf] Matthew Lightman Physical matrix elements for $\Delta I = 3/2$ channel $K \to \Pi \Pi$ decays
[pdf] Paul Mackenzie The decay constants $f_{B^+}$, $f_{B_s}$, $f_{D^+}$, and $f_{D_s}$ from three-flavor lattice QCD
[pdf] Stefan Meinel Rare B decays with moving NRQCD and improved staggered quarks
[pdf] Amarjit Soni Lattice Weak Matrix Elements: A diagnostic tool for New Physics in the LHC era
[pdf] Cecilia Tarantino Light quark masses and decay constants from Nf=2 Lattice QCD with twisted mass fermions
[pdf] Ruth Van de Water The B->pi l nu form factor and |Vub| from unquenched lattice QCD
[pdf] Anastassios Vladikas K-meson vector decay constant and B-parameter from Nf=2 tmQCD
[pdf] Jan Wennekers Neutral Kaon Mixing beyond the Standard Model from 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD
[pdf] Norikazu Yamada S-parameter and pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson mass from overlap lattice QCD