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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Photo Gallery

Thank you all for coming to Willamsburg. We hope that you had a nice stay during the conference and hope to see you all here again for future events.

Conference Reception (2008 July 13)

Welcome to Willamsburg! We're glad that everyone survived their travel in this hot weather. Lattice 2008 hats are guaranteed to make children smile.

Auditorium Events (2008 July 14–19)

You came; you sat; you listened: our plenary talks and other auditorium speakers.

Poster Session (2008 July 15)

Food! Drinks! Posters!

Jamestown Settlement and Island (2008 July 17)

The giant sun at the top of the poster was a subtle warning... it's hot! If you remembered your Tsukuba fan, Tucson water bottle and put on your Willamsburg cap, you're kitted out with the complete lattice excursion package. Suggestion to Beijing: some cool sunglasses.

Banquet (2008 July 17)

The talent show of the confence. Featuring... a napkin bird, wine drinking contest, sunglasses fashion show, and cake fight.

Other Important Events (2008 July 14–19)

We had a very touching luncheon for women in lattice gauge theory; hopefully, the event will inspire more in the future. Also, scenes from coffee break and lots of people zoned out in front of the Tour de France.