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Light Cone 2018

Light Cone 2018
May 14-18, 2018
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

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Group Photo

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Light Cone 2018 is the latest in the series of conferences that, beginning in 1991, have played an important role in promoting research towards a rigorous description of hadrons and nuclei based on light cone quantization methods.

A strong relation with experimental developments represents an important commitment of the light cone community, so it is timely that Light Cone 2018 will be held at Jefferson Lab.

As with earlier conferences in the series, the aim of this meeting will be to create a scientific program that will stimulate developments in research at the forefront of nuclear, hadron and particle physics research.  In particular, Light Cone 2018 will focus on the following physics topics and methodologies:

Physics Topics

  • hadronic structure
  • meson and baryon spectroscopy
  • parton physics
  • finite temperature and density QCD
  • few- and many-body physics


  • light-front field theories
  • lattice field theory
  • effective field theories
  • phenomenological models
  • present and future facilities

We welcome seeing you at Jefferson Lab next May!

The Local Organizing Commitee:
Raul Briceno, Chueng Ji, Wally Melnitchouk and Andrea Signori