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Light Meson Decays Workshop
August 5, 2012
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, Virginia USA


Sunday, August 5, 2012

CEBAF Center Meeting Room L102  
10:00-10:35 "Why meson decays are interesting" J.Bijnens
10:35-11:10 "What can be learned from hadronic and radiative decays of light mesons" B.Kubis
11:10-11:45 "The Search for π(1) Exotic Mesons from Photoproduction with CLAS" D.Schott
11:45-12:00 Coffee Break  
12:00-12:35 "Decays of light mesons studied at KLOE/KLOE-2" Ch. Redmer
12:35-1:10 "Meson decays with Crystal Ball at MAMI" Ch. Redmer
1:10-2:20 Lunch Break  
2:20-2:55 "Radiative and other rare decay modes of light mesons in CLAS" M.Amaryan
2:55-3:30 "Production and Decays of Light Mesons with WASA-at-COSY" D. Coderre
3:30-4:05 "Experimental Determination of Light Meson Transition Form Factors" S. Schadmand
4:05-4:20 Coffee Break  
4:20-4:55 "Hadronic decay of pseudoscalar mesons in CLAS" C.Nepali
4:55-5:30 "Dalitz decay of pseudoscalar mesons in CLAS" M.Kunkel
5:30-6:00 Summary