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International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Super Beams and Beta Beams
July 23-28, 2012
Williamsburg, VA USA


Table of contents

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Status of RAL and CERN Proton Driver Scenarios, Thomason, J.W.G.

Progress on the Neutrino Factory Target System Design, Sayed, H.K.

FFAG Design for a 10 GeV Neutrino Factory for the IDS-NF, Berg, J.S.

Jefferson Lab Electron Model of a Muon Recirculated Linear Accelerator, Roblin, Y.R.

Neutrino-nucleus interactions, Mosel, U.

Improved Measurement of Electron Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay, Qian, X.

Progress in the Construction of the MICE Cooling Channel, Luo, T.-H.

MICE Step I: First Measurement of Emittance with Particle Physics Detectors, Blackmore, V.

Imaging of internal density structure of volcanoes with cosmic muon: past and recent works, Miyamoto, S.

Mu2e: A search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation at FNAL, Hungerford, E.V.

Toward a Higgs Factory Muon Collider, Johnson, R.P.

The CERN to Frejus project: from neutrino beams to MEMPHYS, Duchesneau, D.

Status of Target and Magnetic Horn Studies for the CERN to Fréjus Super Beam, Vassilopoulos, N.

Optimizing the neutrino factory capture section, Hansen, O.M.

Opportunities for Leptonic CP Violation and Neutrino Mass Hierarchy at Medium Baselines, Terranova, F.

Design of an efficient cooling lattice for a Neutrino Factory, Stratakis, D.

Progress Towards Parametric-Resonance Ionization Cooling in the Twin-Helix Channel, Maloney, J.A.