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October 20-22, 2005
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA USA


Many experiments from around the world have presented evidence for (and against) a possible exotic pentaquark spectrum. Knowledge of the existence, or non-existence, of pentaquark states is of vital importance in the search for the mechanism of quark confinement. "Can four quarks and an antiquark be confined in the same way as three quarks?" is a question of central importance.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the theoretical and experimental status of pentaquarks, with the goal of clarifying what can be gained by further experimentation in which channels and at what energy. It will provide guidance for future experimental programs at JLab and elsewhere, if found to be necessary, and give direction to theoretical efforts based upon current experimental knowledge.

Major support for this workshop is from a joint program by Jefferson Lab and the Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT), through grants from the Department of Energy.

Organizing committee:

Jozef Dudek, Jefferson Lab
Ken Hicks, Ohio University
Gerald Miller, University of Washington
Maciej A. Nowak, Jagellonian University
Michał Praszałowicz, Jagellonian University
Tony Thomas, Jefferson Lab

Please send all inquiries to:

For more information:
USA contact is Ken Hicks (phone 740-593-1981).
European contact is Michał Praszałowicz (phone ++48 12 663 56 80).

Important dates

September 19: Abstract submission deadline
September 19: Housing reservation cutoff
September 30: Early registration cutoff