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PHP 2008 Workshop

Photon-hadron physics with the GlueX detector at Jefferson Lab
Thursday, March 6 - Saturday, March 8, 2008
CEBAF Center, Jefferson Lab


The GlueX collaboration invites new members to both enhance the capability of the detector and pursue physics analyses that will be possible with high-energy linearly polarized photons in Hall D, a central component of the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade.

In addition to the core spectroscopy program, GlueX will have the ability to explore a broad range of topics in photon-hadron physics, such as

The workshop will provide an opportunity for interested physicists from the wider nuclear and particle physics communities, including international experts in photon-induced reactions, to come together, learn about the capabilities of the Hall D/GlueX facility, and contribute to the 12 GeV physics program at Jefferson Lab. Topical contributions are welcome.

The workshop is supported by Jefferson Lab, Carnegie Mellon University and the JSA Initiative Fund.

Organizing Committee:

Elke-Caroline Aschenauer
Jozef Dudek
Alex Dzierba
George Lolos
Curtis Meyer
Christian Weiss

Travel & Logistics:

Lorelei Carlson