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PKI 2018


Pion-Kaon Interactions Workshop
February 14-15, 2018
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


The pi-K scattering enables direct investigations of scalar and vector K* states, including the not yet established S-wave k(800) state. These studies are also needed to get precise values of vector and scalar form factors: to independently extract CKM matrix element Vus and to test the Standard Model unitarity relation in the first row of CKM matrix, to study CP violation from the Dalitz plot analysis of open charm D meson decays and in a charmless decays of B mesons in Kpipi final states. Significant progress is made lately in Lattice QCD, in the phenomenology and in the Chiral Perturbation Theory to describe different aspects of pi-K scattering. The main source of experimental data is based on experiments performed in SLAC almost five decades ago at 1970-80s. The recently proposed KL Facility incorporating the GlueX spectrometer at JLab will be able to improve the pi-K scattering database by about three orders of magnitude in statistics. The workshop will discuss the necessity for and the impact of the future high statistics data obtained at JLab on pi-K scattering.

The workshop will take place in CEBAF Center, room F113.

Organizing Committe:

Moskov Amaryan, ODU (Chair)
Ulf-G. Meissner, U. Bonn/FZ Juelich
Curtis Meyer, CMU
James Ritman, Ruhr-Bochum U./FZ Juelich
Igor Strakovsky, GWU


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