PreTown 2014


Informal Pre-Town Meeting at JLab
August 13 - 15, 2014
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


Remote Participation

To join this meeting remotely via BlueJeans, click here.

The goal of this meeting is to have a critical number of people gathered in a somewhat informal setting from Generalized TMD and Spin physics community, with the purpose to update & sharpen our message as it relates to the case for the EIC so that our message at both the upcoming Town Meeting, and in turn the LRP meeting is as effective as possible.

We envision that the goal of these presentations is to promote discussions from all the participants.

We hope to address/answer some of the following questions:
(1) What are the most important scientific questions from generalized TMD and spin physics field?

(2) How do the answers to these questions have critical impact in our field, as well as in the broader nuclear science community?

(3) Have these questions changed since the publication of the White Paper, "Electron Ion Collider: The Next QCD Frontier - Understanding the glue that binds us all", e-Print: arXiv:1212.1701

(4) Why is  an Electron Ion Collider absolutely crucial to study Spin Physics and GTMDS, and why should the broad nuclear science community care about our research?

(5) Examples of "so-what" questions are:

(a) An EIC can improve the extraction of \Delta G to much better precision. If we can measure \Delta G up to 1% accuracy, what impact this would have in our understanding of the nucleon? What do we learn from that?

(b) An EIC can measure sea quark/gluon TMDs. If we measure these distributions to a higher accuracy, what do we learn from that? What essential physics comes from such measurements.

Organizing committee:

Alexei Prokudin (Jefferson Lab)
Leonard Gamberg  (Penn State University)
Zhongbo Kang (LANL)