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Exploring QCD with Next Generation Facilities

QCD Frontier 2013
October 21-22, 2013
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA



The location of the meeting has been moved to the nearby Christopher Newport University (CNU).  Directions to CNU can be found here.  The workshop will take place in Freeman Center, room 101.  Click here for campus map and parking directions.  Please use the visitor parking lot.

If you have secured lodging arrangement with the SURA Residence Facility, they will still be open and honoring those commitments. Local attendees will be providing shuttle rides in the morning and evening from the Residence Facility to CNU. 


QCD is an incredibly rich theory of most of the visible matter, that especially in hadronic and nuclear physics is yet to fully reveal its secrets. During the last 3 years the American nuclear physics community came together and formulated an engaging nuclear physics program for an Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) that would explore this QCD frontier. So far the EIC physics program has been discussed mostly with regard to technical feasibility and in relation to the RHIC and JLab 12 GeV programs. In this workshop we aim to discuss the EIC nuclear physics program in the wider context of future QCD experiments and facilities worldwide (COMPASS, AFTER@LHC, LHeC, JPARC, GSI, HIAF, ...).

We specifically want to focus on:

The aim is to engage and involve the different communities interested in related physics topics at these facilities. The program will be structured around physics topics of common interest, with technical information provided in suitable summary form to enable joint discussions, for which ample time will be reserved after a set of short presentations on each physics topic.

Local Organizing Committee
Alexei Prokudin (JLab / Chair)
Latifa Elouadhriri (JLab)        
Christian Weiss (JLab)          
Jianwei Qiu (BNL)            
Thomas Burton (BNL)          
Pawel Nadel-Turonski (JLab)        
Alberto Accardi (HU)