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Small-Size Configurations

Workshop on probing small-size configurations in high-t photo/electroproduction
March 25-26, 2011
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
CEBAF Center F224/225
Newport News, VA


Studying the short-range structure of hadrons and nuclei through high-momentum-transfer processes is one of the main objectives of the JLab 6 and 12 GeV nuclear physics program. Such processes probe small-size configurations in the partonic wave function that arise through non-perturbative and perturbative QCD interactions in the system. Considerable effort has been invested into the study of high-Q2 exclusive processes (DVCS, meson production), where small-size configurations are selected by the high virtuality of the photon in the initial state. Equally interesting are high-t processes induced by real or moderately virtual photons, which access small-size configurations through "postselection" by the final-state kinematics. Such measurements complement the information available from high-Q2 electroproduction and could be performed in 12 GeV experiments with either high-resolution spectrometers (Halls A and C) or large-acceptance detectors (CLAS, Hall D).

This informal workshop brings together theorists and experimentalists to review recent progress in the theory and interpretation of high-t photo/electroproduction processes and assess the feasibility of their experimental study with different beams and detectors.

Topics include:

T. Horn
Y. Ilieva
P. Nadel-Turonski
C. Weiss