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Inclusive and Semi-Inclusive Spin Physics with High Luminosity and Large Acceptance at 11 GeV

December 13-14, 2006
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA


With the availability of 11 GeV beams in the existing experimental halls after the Jefferson Laboratory energy upgrade, it will be possible to explore deep-inelastic electron scattering processes with unprecedented precision. We are planning a workshop to explore the physics topics that would be enabled by a spectrometer/detector package centered around a large volume, high field solenoid.

The Wednesday afternoon session will focus on the physics of parity-violating deep-inelastic scattering at large x and Q2. Confirmed speakers for this session are Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Tim Londergan, Wally Melnitchouk and Christian Weiss. On Thursday, the unique physics that can be learned from studying semi-inclusive processes with polarized beams and targets at high luminosity will be addressed. Invited speakers include Mauro Anselmino, Piet Mulders, Andrei Afanasev, Feng Yuan, Leonard Gamberg and Marc Schlegel. While the primary focus of the sessions is on theory, there will be also be a few experimental talks to provide an overview of the apparatus and some aspects of the experimental design. A detailed agenda listing the speakers and topics will be sent in a subsequent announcement.

Organizing Committee

J-P Chen
K. Kumar
Z-E. Meziani
P. Souder