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SRC 2006 Workshop

Topical Workshop on Short-Range Correlations in Nuclei to Memorialize Kim Egiyan
October 20-21, 2006
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA


Our colleague Kim Egiyan devoted a large fraction of his scientific life to the study of short-range correlations. Kim passed away in August of this year and we would like to devote this workshop to his memory.

The workshop will focus on the study of dense cold nuclear matter starting from the underline N-N interaction via short range correlation in nuclei to neutron stars. The main objective of the workshop will be to review the current experimental and theoretical status and to discuss future ways to deepen our understanding.

The program will include Friday morning and afternoon plenary sessions. Friday evening a social event with the family and friends to memorialize Kim. Saturday morning there be SRC working group meetings.

Confirmed speakers include:

M. Amarian (ODU)
W. Boeglin (FIU)
L. Cardman (Jlab)
C. Ciofi degli Atti (Perugia)
D. Day (UVA)
K. Griffioen (W&M)
S. Jeschonnek (OSU)
S. Kuhn (ODU)
J.-M. Laget (Saclay/JLab)
J. Peterson (UCB)
E. Piasetzky (TAU)
M. Sargsian (FIU)
R. Schiavilla (ODU/JLab)
M. Strikman (PSU)
T. Thomas (Jlab)
J. Watson (KSU)
L. Weinstein (ODU)

Please mark your calendars. We hope you will attend this workshop and participate in the scientific part as well as in the evening event honoring a good friend that had great impact on our field. We will publish more a detailed program soon. If you wish to contribute or have a suggestion please contact one of the organizing committee members.

Organizing Committee:

Doug Higinbotham (JLab)
Eli Piasetzky (TAU)
Misak Sargsian (FIU)
Mark Strikman (PSU)
Volker Burkert (JLab)
Stepan Stepanyan (JLab)
Larry Weinstein (ODU)