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SRC 2007 Workshop

Short-Range Structure of Nuclei at 12 GeV
October 26-27, 2007
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA


A workshop on "Short-range structure of nuclei at 12 GeV" will be held at Jefferson Lab on October 26-27, with additional informal discussions possible on October 28. The aim of the workshop is to build on recent progress in the understanding of the short-range structure and the dynamics of nuclear interactions and discuss novel opportunities for their studies at JLab at 12 GeV and lower energies.

The workshop will primarily consist of short presentations aimed at developing possible new experimental proposals and/or letters of intent and new analysis of the existing data, followed by extensive discussions (~30 minutes per slot).

A tentative set of topics includes:

Suggestions for the presentations should be sent to one of the organizers.

Organizing Committee:

Claudio Ciofi degli Atti (University of Perugia)
Doug Higinbotham (JLab)
Jan Ryckebusch (Ghent University)
Misak Sargsian (FIU)
Rocco Schiavilla (JLab/ ODU)
Mark Strikman (PSU)