Tech Transfer 2018


Tech Transfer Workshop 2018
January 11-12, 2018
The Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C.


This workshop aims at strengthening technology transfer output of relevance to Jefferson Lab with increase in synergies with universities, and to provide opportunities for participants to explore possible small business funding opportunities. The workshop is dedicated to bringing together the academic and business communities interested in detector technologies, imaging (medical bio) technologies, materials, and novel applications, with the aim to consider and further develop the goals contributing to Jefferson Lab’s technology transfer program. An example of
the potential of such partnerships are the laser companies that have grown up around the polarized helium-3 target development. New avenues with emphasis on those through partnership with universities that could contribute to the existing program at Jefferson Lab will also be discussed. This two-day workshop will take place at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, sufficiently early in time such that it will benefit potential proposals to funding opportunities that support small businesses.

Organizing Committee

Tanja Horn, CUA
Cynthia Keppel, JLab
Carlos Munoz-Camacho, IPNO
Ian Pegg, CUA
Drew Weisenberger, JLab CTO



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