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Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing
March 16-18, 2016
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

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The workshop "Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing” is held from March 16th - 18th at Jefferson Lab. The goal of the workshop is to discuss trends in scientific computing and to collect ideas on how to improve analysis workflows at existing nuclear physics programs as well as to work towards analysis techniques and tools for future projects like the Electron-Ion Collider. We will not only review best practices in scientific computing and the future development of existing analysis techniques and tool,  but also to examine how future computing trends like Big Data or machine learning could improve the productivity at existing or future experiments. 


CEBAF Center (building 12 on sitemap), Room F113
Workshop participants without a Jefferson Lab badge can enter the CEBAF Center via the main entrance and are required to register at the front desk.

Remote Participation

We will use Blue Jeans for remote participation. You can connect to the remote meeting via your browser:

or via phone: 
Primary Number: +1-408-740-7256
Toll free number: +1-888-240-2560

International phone numbers are listed on:

The ID of the Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing Workshop is: 554464696