Trends 2017 Poster

Trends 2017

Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing
May 2-5, 2017
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA

Advanced Registration and Lodging deadline is April 1, 2017.


The second workshop on “Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing” will be held from May 2-5 at Jefferson Lab. The event will begin with an afternoon symposium with forward-looking topics, followed by 2.5 days of plenary talks and discussions. 

We will examine our hardware and software strategy at a time horizon of ten years. Our goal is to work towards the definition of a common vision for Nuclear Physics (NP) computing and data and recommend future directions for development. In our discussions, we will adopt a data perspective and will focus on the following areas: 

  • resource management and the interplay of I/O, compute and storage,
  • machine learning for enhancing scientific productivity and appropriate task based approaches,
  • software portability, reusability and common infrastructure components.

The workshop is intended for both the NP and High-Energy Physics (HEP) community and we particularly encourage in young scientists to attend.

Program Committee

Wes Bethel (LBL)
Amber Boehnlein (JLab)
Kyle Cranmer (NYU)
Markus Diefenthaler (JLab)
Graham Heyes (JLab)
Alexander Kiselev (BNL)
Jerome Lauret (BNL)
Katherine Riley (ANL)
Tom Rockwell (FRIB/NSCL)
Torre Wenaus (BNL)


CEBAF Center (building 12 on sitemap), Room F113
Workshop participants without a Jefferson Lab badge can enter the CEBAF Center via the main entrance and are required to register at the front desk.