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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2007 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 18-20, 2007
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA


Monday June 18, 2007

M1 (Chair: Gordon Cates)
8:30Long Range Plan: QCD and Hadron PhysicsTony Thomas (JLab)
9:10Long Range Plan: Phases of QCD MatterCarl Gagliardi (Texas A&M)
9:45Long Range Plan: Nuclear structureDavid Dean (ORNL)
M2 (Chair: Gordon Cates)
10:30Long Range Plan: Neutrinos and Fundamental SymmetriesKrishna Kumar (U Mass)
11:05NSF outlookAni Aprahamian (NSF)
11:35DOE outlookDennis Kovar (DOE)
M3 (Chair: Haiyan Gao)
13:10Nucleon Form FactorsUlf Meissner (Bonn)
13:40Model independent charge densities derived from form factor dataJerry Miller (U Washington)
14:10Search for Proton Medium Modifications in the 4He(e,e'p) ReactionSteffen Strauch (South Carolina)
M4 (Chair: Rocco Schiavilla)
14:50Calculating electron and photon interactions with deuterium using chiral effective theoryDan Phillips
15:20The Deuteron Benchmarking ProjectSabine Jeschonnek
15:50Dynamics of cold dense nuclear matterMisak Sargsian
16:20Challenges of studies of the short-range nuclear structureMark Strikman
M5 (Chair: Aidan Kelleher)
17:00Poster session and reception
20:00Benjamin Franklin and the FutureFred Dylla

Tuesday June 19, 2007

T1 (Chair: Ron Gilman)
8:30Report from JSAJerry Draayer (SURA)
9:00Report from the Users GroupGordon Cates (UVa) /Ron Gilman (Rutgers)
10:00OutreachKandice Carter (JLab)
T2 (Chair: Gordon Cates)
10:30Laboratory outlook - 6 GeVLarry Cardman
11:00Laboratory outlook - 12 GeVAllison Lung
11:30Users ForumRon Gilman
T3 (Chair: Ron Gilman)
13:00New insights from AdS/CFT and JLab tests of QCDStan Brodsky (SLAC)
13:45TransversityJen-Chieh Peng (Illinois)
14:15Thesis Prize Winner
T4 (Chair: Robert Feuerbach)
15:15The current GPD program at JLabCarlos Munoz Camacho (LANL)
15:45VCS and DVMP at 12 GeVMichel Garcon (Saclay)
16:15Experimental Moments of Nucleon Structure Functions at Low Q2Keith Griffioen (W&M)
16:45Hadron, hadron-hadron and hadron-hadron-hadron properties from lattice QCDSilas Beane (UNH)
20:00   Physics of SailingBryon Anderson (Kent State)

Wednesday June 20, 2007

W1 (Chair: Jozef Dudek)
8:30Polarization in Hyperon Photo- and Electro- ProductionR. Schumacher
9:00Baryon resonance physics and EBACSimon Capstick
9:30Recent Results in Meson SpectroscopyMatthew Shepherd
10:00Open Issues in Meson SpectroscopyEric Swanson (U Pittsburgh)
W2 (Chair: Allena Opper)
10:45Axion search at FELMinarni Minarni
11:15QweakJim Birchall (Manitoba)
11:45PrimexMark Ito (JLab)
W3 (Chair: Xiaodong Jiang)
13:15Spin structure - HERMESElke Aschenauer
13:45Spin structure - Hall BYelena Prok
14:15Spin structure - HIGSMohammed Ahmed
W4 (Chair: Xiaochao Zheng)
15:00Drell-YanLingyan Zhu
15:30Recent Results on Polarized PDFs and Higher TwistDimitar Stamenov
16:00Proton structure from Lattice QCDDavid Richards
16:30Spin Structure - Hall COscar Rondon
17:00Spin Structure - Hall AVince Sulkosky
UGM ends
17:30UGBoD Meeting