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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2009 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 8-10, 2009
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA

Draft Program

Monday June 8, 2009

9:00 a.m.WelcomeRon Gilman, UGBoD
9:05Light Front Holography Guy de Teramond, Costa Rica
9:45Stellar Explosions, Neutrinos, and Nucleosynthesis Gail McLaughlin, NCCU
10:40 JLab Thesis Prize Talk Guy Ron, Weizmann Institute
11:20JSA Postdoctoral Fellowship Talk Patricia Solvignon, Argonne
1:45 p.m.Outlook from DOE Brad Tippens, DOE Office of Science for Nuclear Physics
2:15Outlook from NSF Bradley D. Keister, Physics Division, National Science Foundation
2:45Outlook from JLab Hugh Montgomery, JLab
3:45Neutron stars at JLAB and the Pb radius experiment Chuck Horowitz, Indiana
4:15Spin Structure: Longitudinal and Transverse Jian-Ping Chen, JLab
4:45 The Eternal Few-Body Form Factors (with exciting new JLab results)Makis Petratos, Kent State
5:15Poster session / reception

Tuesday June 9, 2009

9:00 a.m.GEn Seamus Riordan, UVA
9:30GEp-III+2g Lubomir Pentchev, W&M
10:00Results of the G0 Backward-Angle Experiment Fatiha Benmokhtar, Carnegie-Mellon
10:45The EG4 Experiment: A Low Q2 Determination of the GDH Integral Sarah Phillips, UNH
11:15Higher Twists in Polarized DIS Alexandre Deur, JLab
11:45Pion Form Factor in Holographic QCD Backgrounds Herry Kwee, FSU
 The Future: 12 GeV Upgrade and More
1:30 p.m.The 12 GeV Parity Violation Program Dave Armstrong, W&M
2:00The CLAS12 Program Ralf Gothe, USC
2:30The Hall A SBS ProjectGordon Cates, University of Virginia
3:00Hall D GlueX Yves Van Haarlem, CMU
3:45The Next Steps for JLab's Hadronic Physics ProgramLarry Cardman, JLab
4:00Recent Progress twoard a High-Luminosity Electron-Ion Collider at JLab Rolf Ent, JLab
4:25The science of a high-luminosity EIC at JLab Christian Weiss, JLab
5:00mEIC@JLab - a medium energy collider taking nucleon structure beyond the valence region P. Nadel-Turonski, Catholic University
5:30Open Discussion: Workshops and the Case for EIC

Wednesday June 10, 2008

 Users Group Business Meeting and more
9:00Computing Roy Whitney, JLab
9:30Women in PhysicsLatifa Elouadrhiri, JLab
9:45Women in Physics Gail Dodge, ODU
10:00Users Group Activities and Issues Ron Gilman, UGBoD/Rutgers
11:00Physics Colloquium: Fundamental Constants in Physics and their Time DependenceHarald Fritzsch
1:00 p.m.TMDs Matthias Burkhardt, NMSU
1:30Lattice QCD Huey-Wen Lin, JLab
2:00Extraction of the Compton Form Factor H from DVCS measurements at JLab Hervé Moutarde, Saclay
2:30Drell-Yan Experiments Paul Reimer, Argonne National Lab
3:15Short Range Correlations: Past, Present, and Future John Watson, Kent State
3:45Meson Spectroscopy at CLAS Rafaella de Vita, INFN
4:15Λ(1405) Photoproduction Kei Moriya, Carnegie-Mellon
4:45The neutral pion lifetime: final results from PrimEx Ilya Larin, ITEP