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Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting

"2011 JLab Users Group Meeting"
June 6-8, 2011
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA

Scientific Symposium in honor of Larry Cardman's Contribution to Nuclear Physics

This year saw Larry Cardman step down as Associate Director for Physics after leading the physics division for fourteen years. During that period, he led the highly successful program of experiments at 6 GeV, and oversaw the development of the case for the 12 GeV Upgrade. With the 12 GeV upgrade now firmly established, and with an exciting program of experiments emerging, it is appropriate to hold a scientific symposium in honor of Larry Cardman's contribution to the Jefferson Laboratory program, and to our understanding of nuclear physics.

The symposium will take place during the Users Group Meeting, in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8th. There will be a series of talks focusing on the different, and varied, areas where Larry has made an important contribution. Confirmed speakers include:

Don Geesaman (ANL)
Roy Holt (ANL)
Jacques Martino (IN2P3, France)
Costas Papanicolas (Cyprus Institute)
Mike Pennington (JLab)
Charlie Sinclair

The symposium will be followed by a reception for Jefferson Laboratory Staff and Users.
Videos from the June 8, 2011, symposium honoring Larry Cardman and his contribution to nuclear physics. Videos (1, 2 & 3)

Symposium in honor of Larry Cardman's Contribution to Nuclear Physics
1:30 Larry Cardman's contributions to polarized sources and accelerator physics Charlie Sinclair
2:00 Topics of Interest for a Person of Interest Roy Holt (ANL)
2:30 Glimpsing color in a world of black & white Mike Pennington (JLAB)
3:20 Fulfilling the Promise of JLab Don Geesaman (ANL)
3:50 Larry, a catalyst for Nuclear and Hadronic Physics with the electromagnetic probe: a view from France ... Jacques Martino (IN2P3)
4:20 Globalization - a physicists analysis and view Costas Papanicolas (Cyprus Institute)
5:00 Reception