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Administrative Manual - 209 Staff Development

209.01 Staff Development Program


It is the policy of JSA to assist and encourage employees to obtain skills, knowledge, and attitudes that increase their effectiveness in performing their current duties and improve their career opportunities within the Laboratory. JSA's Staff Development Program provides both money and time to qualifying employees in support of this policy.

    1. Definitions - Staff Development includes three types of programs.
      1. Job-related Training (JRT) is detailed in §209.02 and is further divided into the following:
        1. Laboratory-wide On-site Training is not restricted to employees from a single division or work unit. It is managed by Human Resources (HR) and the records of participants are updated upon completion. This type of program includes annual Security training, Orientation for new employees, and management/supervisory development programs. Environment, Health and Safety (ESH&Q) training is managed by the ESH&Q Training Committee in consultation with HR.
        2. Fee-based Training is job-related or career-related training (e.g. a seminar, conference or course) that is of direct benefit to the employee's position or assignment, or to a potential future assignment for which he/she, as evaluated by a senior manager in his/her work unit, has some reasonable chance of attaining.  Though normally taken off-site, it does not have to be.
      2. The Education Reimbursement Program (ERP) is detailed in §209.03. ERP provides monetary support for employees wishing to pursue a degree or professional certification that would make them more valuable to the Laboratory. Only accredited programs from recognized institutions may be taken under the ERP. Course work is accomplished during off-duty time, reimbursement is directly related to grades and budgetary constraints, and the level of financial support may vary from institution to institution or year to year.
      3. The Manager-Supervisor Development Program (§209.04) recognizes the unique role that supervision and management skills play in employees' performance. Therefore, JSA provides a skill-based development program that is logically structured, but also flexibly delivered.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. The employee and his or her supervisor share responsibility for the employee's performance and career development. This includes recognizing what knowledge, skills, and attitudes (collectively called "skills") are needed to perform the assigned job effectively, as well as playing active roles in acquiring them. The employee is also responsible for identifying, completing, and implementing training that teaches these skills; while the supervisor is responsible for providing the opportunity for the training and for assessing the employee's success in applying the acquired skills on the job. In addition, the employee may identify (or the supervisor may suggest) a Laboratory-related career interest for his or her long-term development. Assistance in carrying out this responsibility is available from Human Resources.
      2. Managers shall assess the needs of their work units for additional competencies and qualifications, identify potential candidates, consider staff development in their budgetary planning, and ensure that performance appraisals of subordinates reflect their progress toward acquiring and improving needed skills. Assistance in carrying out this responsibility is available from Human Resources.
      3. The Human Resources department is responsible for providing advice and approval of employee participation in both off-site training and in degree or certificate programs supported with JSA funds. In addition, Human Resources will maintain and manage training-related skill requirements and associated records, arrange for on-site Lab-wide training, and manage JSA's Management and Supervisor Development Program. They may also conduct individual and group skill assessments as needed.
    3. Scope
      1. Participation in all degree programs, courses, seminars, and conferences attended primarily for training given by universities, colleges, institutes, commercial training organizations, government agencies, and the Laboratory staff is covered by this policy, unless it has no impact on JSA resources.
      2. For administrative purposes, attendance at scientific meetings, professional society meetings, research conferences, and industrial conventions and shows, is not covered by this policy.
    4. Records
      1. Human Resources shall maintain records of all employees' required competencies, qualifications, and/or skills as well as the completed programs associated with them. These will include, at a minimum, records of training and education supported financially by JSA, but may also include degrees, certifications, etc. acquired outside the Lab when suitable proof of completion is provided.
        1. Records shall be maintained in electronic form on the Learning Management System (LMS).

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