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Electronic Access Portal Process Overview and Screenshots
Checking Status of Visitor/Guest Registration Form for Travel Coordinators

To ensure a timely and efficient transition into the Lab, submittal of the Electronic Access Request Registration Form is required at least 10 days before the onsite arrival start date. Access will not be granted until all required validations and approvals are complete.

As part of the Human Resources Department, the JLab Registration/International Services Office (JRIS) provides assistance to all Jefferson Lab personnel for completion of registration, training requirements, badging, and all areas of visa/immigration. Our goal is to provide our researchers and employees with an organized, efficient transition into the Lab, in the shortest possible timeframe, while ensuring that we comply with all required on-site policies and procedures. We are located in the Support Service Center, Building 28, and are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

*International Visitor Registration*
The U.S. Department of Energy requires all non-U.S. citizens to provide government-issued picture identification, i.e. green card, passport, visa, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services information before entry to Jefferson Lab. In addition, DOE headquarters approval is required before entry of persons whose country of origin is North Korea, Iran, Sudan or Syria. Entry to Jefferson Lab may be denied if identification and current immigration status cannot be verified.


An Invitation letter is required at the port of entry for all non US citizens requesting a business visa (B-1, WB) to participate in research, workshop, conferences and meetings at JLab. These activities are prohibited with Tourist Visa (B-2, WT)


Please direct all questions to:

  Sue Ewing
Visa/Immigration Administrator
Support Service Center Building, Room 45 (757) 269-7687
Tara Tyndall
Human Resources Assistant
Support Service Center Building 28, Room 45/Front Desk (757) 269-6119
Tammy Frye
Human Resource Assistant
Support Service Center Building 28, Front desk (757) 269-7598