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Hiring Temporary Contract Personnel

  1. The use of temporary contract labor at Jefferson Lab is appropriate under the following circumstances:

    • They are to replace an employee who is on leave,
    • They will fill a critical, immediate need for the period of time it takes to recruit and hire a JSA/Jefferson Lab employee for a posted position, or
    • They are to handle a short-term job (no more than one year) which is unique, and will not continue or recur.
  2. All staffing needs, including contract labor, must be coordinated through Human Resources. Please contact Bruce Ullman (ext 7170, e-mail, Cassandra Andrews, (ext. 7068, e-mail, or Sue Ewing (ext. 7687, e-mail who will help you determine the most suitable employment option to meet your needs.
  3. If Human Resources determines your staffing needs can be met using contract labor, use the Maximo system to submit a Purchase Requisition outlining your requirements (job description).
  4. The Buyer responsible for Contract Labor is Barbara Rice (ext 7238,

    • For a list of Service Contract Act category descriptions, go to the Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations at This will assist you in the selection of the most suitable job category for the work to be performed.
  5. Remember that contract labor employees are employed by their agency, not by JSA/Jefferson Lab. Wages, benefits and employment policies must comply with Jefferson Labs subcontract requirements, but ultimately are set by the agency.

    • If you have performance issues or questions about agency practices, do not contact the agency directly, but go through the Subcontracting Officer Barbara Rice (ext 7238,
    • Be careful not to act in a way that could seem to be unethical. For example, avoid encouraging a contract labor employee to switch agencies to get what might appear to be a "better deal." Such actions could subject the lab to claims for damages.
  6. Of course, you should ensure that the employee has a safe working environment, and is properly instructed in the use of any equipment or machinery provided.
  7. For insurance and liability reasons, contract labor employees should not perform certain types of functions unless the requirement is clearly stated in the position description and both Jefferson Lab and the agency agree on the terms of the requirement. Among these are:

    • Operating motorized equipment owned or leased by the lab (forklifts, cranes, GSA vehicles, etc.).
    • Handling cash or negotiable securities. Contract labor workers should not normally have access to safes or secure/restricted areas.
  8. Time Sheets - When you verify and approve the contractors hours by signing the agencys time sheet and (in some cases) the Jefferson Lab Contract Labor Time Sheet*, please ensure that the time sheet is:

    • Filled out in ink, and any corrections are lined through (avoid white-out) and initialed by both the employee and you.
    • Forwarded promptly to Procurement, Support Service Center Room 35 or Mail Stop 28A. Be sure to send the original or a carbon to us, preferably by Monday of the following week (keep a copy for your records, but we cannot accept copies or faxes). Late time sheets and missing originals can hold up payment.

    * Use a Jefferson Lab Contract Labor Time Sheet when charging work to different account codes. See Administrative Manual Section 401.04 C.2.

    * Some agencies have am electronic system for recording and approving contract labor time sheets. Please review and approve the time sheets upon completion of that work week for the contract labor personnel assigned to your department.