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Procurement and Services

Procuring Emergency Requirements

Off Hour Procurement Emergency Call List
All Phone Numbers are 757 Area Code Unless Otherwise Noted

Suppliesand Personal Services
Site Services and Construction
Electronics , Emergency Supplies, Consultants, &
Contract Labor
Large Dollar Supply Subcontracts
Construction, Site Services & Post-Doc./Bridged Faculty
Danny Lloyd Purchasing Mgr.
(H) 220-8092
(C) 810-0337
(JLabExt. 7121)
Mitch Laney
Subcontracts Mgr.
(C) 642-3898
(JLabExt. 5338)
Teresa Danforth, Subcontracts Mgr.
(H) 345-0436
(C) 903-7898
(JLabExt. 7364)
Melissa Torres, Subcontracting Officer
(H) 595-8264
(C) 660-3473
(JLabExt. 7585)
Al DeChristopher
(H) 898-4794
(C) 871-5427
(JLabExt. 6179)
Sharon Williams, Subcontracting Officer
(H) 224-4894
(C) 817-5090
(JLabExt. 7211)
Barbara Rice, Subcontracting Officer
(H) 423-4314
(C) 767-344-2588
(JLabExt. 7238)
Denise Leary, Subcontracting Officer
(H) 599-3075
(C) 817-1832
(JLabExt. 7172)





Emergency Requirements - Any situation that:

  1. Poses a danger to the environment, health or safety of personnel;
  2. Could interrupt critical facility operations;
  3. Cause serious damage to equipment, facilities or property; or
  4. Any Emergency, Unusual Occurrence, or Off-Normal occurrence as defined by Jefferson Lab's Emergency Management Plan.

Procurement Action - If immediate contractor or vendor support is required to resolve an emergency situation, personnel with a P-card or delegated procurement authority are encouraged to make purchases that are within their authority. Procurement staff will respond immediately to an Emergency Requirement based on a verbal request. The requesting department shall provide an approved Purchase Requisition no later than three (3) working days following the emergency request. Include information explaining the emergency.