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Procurement Services

ESH&Q Responsibilities - SOTR's

Throughout the procurement process Jefferson Lab's Subcontracting Officer's Technical Representatives (SOTR) have numerous responsibilities associated with ensuring that any work which is subcontracted meets Jefferson Lab's needs. Included in those responsibilities is the critical role the SOTR plays in all aspects of Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESH&Q) matters related to the subcontract and subcontractor's performance. Those responsibilities are detailed in the Jefferson Lab ESH&Q Manual in Chapter 3420: "ESH&Q Aspects of Procured Services and Construction", and Chapter 3410: "ESH&Q Aspects of Material Acquisitions". Summarized below are important ESH&Q responsibilities SOTRs must address during the planning, design, performance, and acceptance phases of a procurement.

Planning and Designing Procurements

During Performance

After Performance Completed