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    A System for Managing Critical Knowledge for Accelerator Subsystems: Pansophy

    Accelerator development and construction projects often intentionally push the envelope of well-established technical performance and manageable complexity. In addition, the desire for efficient retention and exploitation of accumulated experience across the multi-decade life cycles of major installations calls for a robust, yet user-friendly knowledge management system. To meet these needs, we are presently deploying a new web-based system at Jefferson Lab: Pansophy. This system is a custom integr ation of several commercial software utilities, DocushareTM, ColdFusionTM, MatlabTM, IngresTM, and common desktop programs. Users of the system range from process managers, shop-floor technicians, test engineers , to after-the-fact data miners and operations staff. The system integrates important QA elements of procedural control, automated data accumulation into a secured central database, prompt and reliable data query and retrieval, and online analysis tools, all accessed by the user via their platform-independent web browser. A system overview, completed pilot project, and implementation experience to date will be presented.

    This work was supported by the U.S. DOE under contract DE-AC05-84ER40150.

    Authors: C. Reece, V. Bookwalter, B. Madre

    Abstract submitted to PAC 2001, Chicago, IL, June 18-24, 2001

    Updated March 28, 2001

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