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    First Measurement of the Double Spin Asymmetry in $\vec{e}\vec{p}\to e' \pi^+ n$ in the Resonance Region

    The double spin asymmetry in the $\vec{e}\vec{p}\to e' \pi^+ n$ reaction has been measured for the first time in the resonance region for four-momentum transfer $Q^2=0.35-1.5$ GeV$^2$. Data were taken at Jefferson Lab with the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) using a 2.6 GeV polarized electron beam incident on a polarized solid NH$_3$ target. Comparison with predictions of phenomenological models shows strong sensitivity to resonance contributions. Helicity-1/2 transitions are found to be dominant in the second and third resonance regions. The measured asymmetry is consistent with a faster rise with $Q^2$ of the helicity asymmetry $A_1$ for the $F_{15}(1680)$ resonance than expected from the analysis of the unpolarized data.

    Authors: CLAS Collaboration: Raffaella De Vita, Et Al

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