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Accounting Services

The Accounting Services Department of the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the General Ledger, Audit Coordination, Travel, Relocation, Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursements, Accounts Receivable, Billing Accounts, and Petty Cash.

Contact List:

Jenita Everett, Acting Supervisor (ext 7438)
Sasi Wojcik (ext 7437)
Kimberly Pyle (ext 7838)

General Ledger/Accounts Receivable
Pam Turk, Group Manager (ext 5370)
Jenita Everett (ext 7438)
Adriane Ward (ext 7987)

Accounts Payable (Invoices & Payment Status)
Jane Worley, Supervisor (ext 7573)
Chandra Gilchrist (ext 5344)
Rochelle Banks (ext 5081)
Kay Lewis (ext 7518)