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Forms Related to Travel

Travel Authorization and Expense Report Internal Forms

Actual Lodging Form (PDF)
Estimated Cost Worksheet
Travel Direct Deposit Form

Expense Report

Foreign Visitor Stipend Request (DOC - PDF)
Honorarium (402-13 & 402-16) - see Insight, Apps/Forms, Business
Job Related Training (JRT) - see Insight, Training Link (under Popular Applications), Online forms
Missing Receipt Form
Foreign Travel Proforma Invoice (DOC - PDF)
Travel Authorization
402-8 Travel Savings Justification for Exception to Policy
402-9 Airfare Cost Comparison for Travel including Personal Days or Routing for Personal Preference

US Citizens & Resident Aliens Taxpayer Identification Number

W-9 (Instructions)
W-9 (Form)

Visitor Tax Withholding and Tax Exemption Forms

Publication 515 (Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens)