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Welcome to the JLab Travel Reservation System


JLab has contracted with Omega World Travel to fulfill the Lab's travel arrangement needs. There are two approved ways for a JLab staff traveler to make travel arrangements at JLab.

  1. Inform your Travel Coordinators - who will complete all documentation and obtain approvals for staff and visitors within their group before making any travel arrangements that will obligate JLab funds.
  2. If authorized by your Division - make your own travel arrangements. To exercise this option you are responsible for completing all documentation and obtaining approvals prior to obligating any JLab funds. The JLab policy in Section 402 of the Administrative Manual is a good place to find most of the answers.

To report a problem with Concur call 1-866-635-8497.

Methods of making travel arrangements include:

USING Concur - (

Already have a User ID and password: Use the web address above to sign-in.

Need to register for a User ID:
1) Sign onto:
2) Complete the Self-Registration form
3) Click Submit

Need help with Concur?
Use the "Help" function on the Concur website, or
Use the Concur Travel QuickStart Guide
Concur 2015 Revised User Guide

Use the Instructions provided below to assist with

  1. Administrator assignment to book for others
  2. Car or Hotel (add to an existing reservation or create without an airfare)
  3. Guest Traveler - for one time guests
  4. Mobile Registration - follow instructions on your PROFILE
  5. E-Receipt Request submission
  6. Seat Assignments

Concur General & Technical support at 1-866-635-8497.

+ Travel arrangements made using Concur, require that the traveler be registered to use the system.
* 4-hour window - Omega World Travel agreement requires them to respond to all requests for travel arrangements within 4 hours of sending the request via email or through the Concur on-line product on business days. Should there not be a response to your communication,

1) Call Travel Services at JLab extension (7192)
2) Contact Travel Services so we can investigate further (Jenita @ 7438 or Pam @ 5370)
3) Call Omega World Travel at 1-888-527-1279 or email