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Records Management at Jefferson Lab

What is a Record?

What is Records Management?

Why Records Management?

Electronic Records

Legal Requirements

Privacy Act

Roles and Responsibilities

Identifying Archival Material


Vital Records

Glossary of Terms

Flowchart for Records Management

Flowchart for Vital Records

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator
Records Management Handbook - Introduction

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JSA and Jefferson Lab recognize the importance of appropriate treatment of records. Every laboratory employee has responsibilities for laboratory records, Records management is a line function at Jefferson Lab, and the Records Administrator assists line management in meeting its records management responsibilities.

Records management provides a rational basis for making decisions about recorded information, including what should be saved or discarded. These decisions are necessary to support the legal, fiscal, administrative, and research needs of the laboratory, JSA, federal government, Commonwealth of Virginia, and the general public. The ultimate goal of records management is to identify and maintain records that adequately and properly document the organization, functions, policies, procedures, decisions, and essential transactions of projects and research.

Within this handbook are guidelines to assist each laboratory department in managing its records. Contact Records Management at x7805 for any clarification.

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