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Records Management at Jefferson Lab

What is a Record?

What is Records Management?

Why Records Management?

Electronic Records

Legal Requirements

Privacy Act

Roles and Responsibilities

Identifying Archival Material


Vital Records

Glossary of Terms

Flowchart for Records Management

Flowchart for Vital Records

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator
Records Management Handbook

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Vital Records

Vital records are those which are essential to the continuous operation of the lab in the event of a disaster or emergency; those necessary to recreate the labís legal and financial position; and/or those necessary to preserve the rights and interests of the laboratory, its employees, users, and partners.

Examples of vital records include designs, drawings, reports, specifications, research data and laboratory notebooks, employee compensation and benefits and insurance records, and financial interest and legal proceeding records.

Once vital records have been identified, they must by protected. Protective measures include one or more of these methods:

  • dispersal
  • duplication
  • remote storage

The Records Administrator can provide information to aid you in determining the best method for your department. Vital records data is included in an emergency management master list and are referenced in the Emergency Management Manual. Call the Records Administrator if you have questions or concerns or visit

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